Dinosaur Discovery Adventure

bring the past to life
JUNE 24th - JULY 1st

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Meet the Zerbst Ranch Family for Dinner

5:00pm Monday:  Upon arrival we will meet up with our Paleo Park hosts, young dino-experts Wyatt and JadenThese two middle-schoolers have collected more fossils than most paleontologists working in the field today, and they represent the 5th generation of their family to live on this ranch with the bones and tracks of incredible dinosaurs.

We will arrive in  time to check out our bunks, put away groceries and eat a delicious dinner before we kick off our week long "paleo-olympics" games in the ranch yard.  After dinner and games, we will head to bed and get rested up for a morning of fossil discovery! 

Earlier Event: June 25
Caravan to Wyoming fossil sites
Later Event: June 26
Lance Formation Field-Work