Dinosaur Discovery Adventure

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JUNE 24th - JULY 1st

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Lance Formation Field-Work

7:00 am Paleo Park Lodge: We will start our day with breakfast at the Paleo Park lodge and then get straight into the field to make discoveries and collect fossil evidence.  We will learn to apply the principles, techniques and field-skills necessary to become contributers to the dynamic field of paleontology.

This day will be spent exploring the vast landscape, prospecting for new fossil discoveries, quarrying and excavating existing localities, and participating in hands-on learning about the ancient life that inhabited this region in the time of dinosaurs.  As we walk the prairie, scouring the exposed rock layers for fossil treasure, we will each be wearing a lightweight daypack to hold the fossil collecting kit provided and our personal items such as sunscreen, snacks, and cameras. 

Collecting Goals: Recently DMNS received the largest donation of dinosaur bones in its history. Our team will be assisting Dr. Antoine Bercovici as we return to the field area where this donated dinosaur material was collected, and begin research into the geologic context of this exceptional fossil locality. Our specific goals include digging for dinosaur bones in the quarry, and collecting paleomagnetic and paleobotanical samples for Dr. Bercovici's ongoing stratigraphic research.

Lunch will be made and packed each morning and at mid-day we will take a break to eat and relax near one of the fossil localities.

Taking notes and making sketches in our field notebooks will be an important part of our work and we will have many opportunities to help develop this important skill. 

Dinner will be in the paleo lodge at the end of our Wyoming field work day.