Dinosaur Discovery Adventure

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JUNE 24th - JULY 1st

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Walk With Denver Dinos at Dinosaur Ridge

  • Dinosaur Ridge 16831 West Alameda Parkway Morrison, CO, 80465 United States (map)

The little town of Morrison, Colorado, just west of Denver is the birthplace of the original Dino-mania that swept through America in the late 1800's.  Since the discovery of this rich fossil resource, Paleontology has grown into an important pillar of our understanding of life on earth.  In the last century, countless skeletons of giant long-necked sauropod dinosaurs like Brontosaurus and ferocious meat-eaters like Allosaurus were excavated from this locality and now fill the gallery halls in major museums world-wide.

Now a city park criss-crossed with hiking and mountain bike trails and dotted with rock climbers, Dinosaur Ridge is an important cultural site that ties our modern life in Denver to the life and times of the frontier scientist-explorers that came before, and also to the ancient past when dinosaurs walked across this landscape.  

Our PALEOS group will drive to 'The Ridge'  by 9:00am and meet on the East Side for a special, behind the scenes look at a one of the worlds most impressive Dinosaur Trackway sites ever discovered. This site provides a great photo opportunity and a chance to learn a bit about dinosaur behavior by examining the footprints that they left behind 90 million years ago.