Dinosaur Discovery Adventure

bring the past to life
JUNE 24th - JULY 1st

The Dinosaur Discovery Adventure Program is a week long overnight field-science progam developed by museum paleontologists for the "PALEOS" Paleontolgy group at Westhampton Beach Middle School .  Our rugged adventures  give students and families the opportunity to experience scientific field work in paleontology first-hand.  By working side-by-side with scientists and educators,  our participants become scientific colleagues making  real contributions to the field and memories to last a lifetime. Our trip begins in Denver on June 24th with a half-day workshop at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and then continues in the field at remote fossil localities in Wyoming and fossil galleries in the black hills of South Dakota.


Our staff of paleontologists, educators, and interns have been working together in the field since 2010. We've helped 100's of students find their passion for field science through safe, educational adventure.


We give students the opportunites and the skills to make original fossil discoveries of their own. Finding and unearthing a dinosaur bone is a thrilling experience that instantly connects us to another time in earth's history, bringing the world of scientific inquiry  to life.  The abundant fossils waiting to be discovered in our 7,000 acre 'outdoor classroom' are truly world-class and our student-discovered fossils are reposited in some of this country's premier museums and research institutions. What will your discovery be?


Paleo Park Lodge is our base of operations for the Dinosaur Discovery Adventures in Wyoming. Situated right in the middle of our 7,000 acre 'outdoor classroom' of fossil exposures and rolling hills, this building provides enough room for large groups to recharge their bodies, minds, and camera batteries while exploring for dinosaurs. .