Dinosaur Discovery Adventure

bring the past to life
JUNE 25th - JULY 2nd

Field Facilities

In Wyoming our team will operate out of the historic Zerbst Ranch and make use of the lab, bunkhouse and kitchens at Paleo Park, a facility built specifically to accommodate paleontologists working in the dinosaur beds of the Lance Formation. When we move camp and head into the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota, we will use the Marmarth Research Foundation lab as the base of our operations.

Welcome to Paleo Park

This remote field station is operated by the ranch family who has lived here since the property was homesteaded in the mid 1800's. 5 generations of Zerbst family ranchers have collected fossils in these exposures, some of which make up the prize pieces in major museums. The simple bunkhouse was built specifically to accommodate paleontologists working in the dinosaur beds who come to the ranch from around the world.  

We will make use of the bunk house, showers, kitchen, and classroom area each day as we prepare our selves to venture out onto the prairie in search of new discoveries.

The facility offers climate controlled bunk areas, two bathrooms, a pool table and a full industrial-size kitchen.  The bunk area has enough bunk style beds, air mattresses and bedding for our large field crew. This space is also known to house full size dinosaur skeletons of many of the species we are hunting. 

Meals will be provided by our staff cook, Liz Miller and we will be in touch in the weeks prior to the trip to arrange a menu that accommodates everyone's dietary preferences. Students are encouraged to assist each day with preparing meals and packing lunches.

Paleo Park is also home of the infamous PALEOLYMPICS, a series of games and pastimes going back to our program's inception. We like to have fun at Paleo Park, and you will no doubt get roped in to playing with us during your time at the ranch.  

Welcome to MRF

When our team heads North to the Hell Creek formation exposures near Marmarth, North Dakota, we will make use of the facility at the Marmarth Research Foundation. This internationally recognized field laboratory has been leader in Volunteer-based paleontology research.  We will use the Laboratory House and Kitchens for meals and lectures, and our team will stay in the cabins. The laboratory and collections space will be our place to assist paleontologists with the identification, curation and preparation of the discoveries we make on our adventure.