Dinopocalypse! A great re-cap of the last mass extinction of life on earth.

Dinosaurs are gone. They went extinct. All at once. It’s the story written in the rocks at our field sites. Here’s the tale of the dinosaur’s doom, as told by some of the best storytellers on the planet.

“We’ve all heard the story of what happened on the day the dinosaurs died, right? Well, we thought we had. Turns out, high-powered ballistics experiments, fancy computer algorithms, and good old-fashioned ancient geology have given us a shocking new version of the events on that day, 66 million years ago. It’s a new theory that is so scarily precise -- and hot -- it’s terrifying and nearly unimaginable”

This summer we will collect the evidence for ourselves, discovering fossils that tell this story of North America’s last dinosaurs and how the world they knew came to a sudden end. This Radiolab presentation is a perfect pre-trip primer as you prepare for our upcoming adventure.

The Video version above is fantastic to watch when you are in the mood to be blown away by science. The audio only version from WNYC (below) is great for a road trip, workout or the next time you are traveling.

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John Hankla